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Fibre Broadband

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I live in a complex, how do I get Fibre?

In order to get Fibre to your complex, the Body Corporate, Landowner or Home Owners Association will need to give consent to the Fibre providers in the area in order to install Fibre to the complex. The Fibre providers will first do a site survey, then present a proposal of how the Fibre will be installed in the complex.

Once consent is granted, a central distribution node will be fitted outside the complex and each unit will be fitted with a multi-dwelling distribution box outside the unit. At this point, the fibre provider includes the complex on their map data, & ISPs such as Afrihost are able to allow Fibre signups for the complex. The duration of the entire process is dependent on multiple factors, & also varies between areas. Estimates can be discussed during the proposal.

Once we receive your Fibre order, we submit it to the Fibre provider, in order for them to install a fibre cable into your unit. The Fibre provider will contact the resident in order to schedule the installation. A cable will have to be pulled from the distribution box and into the unit, where a CPE (Client Premises Equipment), also known as an ONT (Optical Network Terminal) device will be installed.

On the date of installation, an adult (18 years of age or older) will have to be present in order to specify where the CPE/ONT should be fitted, supervise the installation, as well as consent to any additional cabling that isn’t covered by the standard installation fees, as well as any additional adjustments that may be required.

Once the installation is completed, the fibre provider may still need time to provision the service on the network, configure the CPE/ONT for the respective ISP. Once Afrihost has received confirmation that this process is completed, you will be able to connect your Fibre router to the CPE/ONT and follow the instructions sent to you in order to activate the service.

Afrihost has partnered with many Fibre providers to ensure expansive coverage. Any of these providers may be contacted by the body corporate (or respective authoritative entity) for a proposal to your complex.

What is a Fibre ONT/ CPE? 

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Sign up now. 

If you know who the provider is in your complex and want to know How to sign up for Afrihost Fibre, read this article for easy sign up instructions.

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