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TP-Link Deco WiFi mesh system setup

Say goodbye to WiFi dead zones! If you have WiFi dead zones in your home where your computer and other devices cannot connect to your WiFi network. You can set up the TP-Link Deco units which work together to transmit a stronger WiFi signal around your home for full WiFi coverage.

What is a mesh WiFi network

A mesh network is made up of multiple access points referred to as ‘nodes’ that expands the WiFi coverage around your home or office, providing you with seamless uninterrupted WiFi coverage throughout your home.

How to set up a TP-Link WiFi mesh network

TP-Link Deco has two set up modes:

1. Access point mode (Recommended)
  • In Access Point Mode, the Deco will not act as a DHCP server to assign IP addresses to connected devices. The Deco acts as another WiFi hotspot for devices to connect to and expands existing wired networks and expands wireless coverage for home networks, allowing more devices to connect to the same network created by your router so that all devices connected to your home network are in the same IP address range.
  • DHCP advanced server functions are disabled since they are managed by the main router e.g., parental controls, Quality of service (QoS), port forwarding, bandwidth control band, NAT, IPV6 and VPN forwarding, etc.
2. Router mode
  • The Deco acts as a gateway between the local network and the Internet. In this mode, the Deco will then replace your existing router and act as a DHCP server to assign IP addresses to connected devices.
  • The Deco has gateway functions such as parental controls, access control Quality of service (QoS), port forwarding built-in network firewall, and therefore provides improved network protection.

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