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Fibre Broadband

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What you need to get Afrihost Fibre

Step 1: Check Fibre availability in your area

Fibre is still new and currently being rolled out across the country. So you may not have Fibre available in your area just yet. You can use our Fibre Availability Map to find out if your area is Fibre ready and which providers are available.

Fibre coverage in your area. 

You can read our helpful How to check Fibre coverage in your area article with instructions on how the Fibre Availability Map works.

Step 2: Sign up with Afrihost

In true Afrihost style, we have several affordable, contract-free Fibre packages to choose from, and have multiple Fibre providers working with us to bring you Pure Internet Joy. Simply put in your address, and if you’re covered, we’ll take it from there and get you connected before you can say Blazing-Fast Broadband.

Compare our Fibre Packages. 

View our Fibre Broadband Packages on the Afrihost Fibre microsite.

Fibre line speeds from 100mbps. 

Please note, fibre line speeds from 100mbps and above have the following requirements:

  • The LAN cable connected from the ONT to the WiFi router WAN port is recommended to be at least CAT 6 and above to handle the line speed and reduce the risk of any connectivity issues.
  • Ensure the router can handle the 100mbps+ line speed.
Sign up for Fibre now. 

If you require assistance signing up with us, please see our How to sign up for Afrihost Fibre article for easy to follow steps.

Step 3: Fibre Installation

There are three basic steps to getting Fibre, which begins with availability in your neighbourhood. Once the provider has done this initial installation, your area will be Fibre ready. The next step is to have a Fibre line brought onto your property. Once you’ve signed up for Fibre with Afrihost, the relevant provider will be in touch to help you get the Fibre line installed to your premises.

Best of all, you do not need a telephone line to use Fibre. Fibre connects via optical cables that carry data via light, which are completely separate from the Telkom copper wire network.

What Fibre Speed should I get? 

Use our useful speed wizard tool to see which Fibre Speed is right for you.

Installation Lead Times. 

Visit our Installation Lead Times microsite to find out more about the installation process for each last-mile provider.

Step 4: Pure Internet Joy!

Once you’re all set up, just sit back and enjoy faster internet with HD or 4K streaming, faster downloads, and uninterrupted surfing and gaming. And you can even do this wirelessly across supported devices with the Afrihost Dual‑Band AC Wi-Fi Router, which provides an excellent coverage area and operates on both the 2.4GHz and 5GHz frequencies for future-proof, cutting-edge connectivity.

Are there any costs involved to get fibre installed? 

Please read our Help Centre article; What are the Fibre installation and activation costs to learn more.

Afrihost Network Status

See the status of our broadband, mobile and hosting networks

For more details, visit our Network Status Page

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