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Fibre Broadband

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How to migrate your Fibre line from another provider to Afrihost

In order to successfully migrate your Fibre to Afrihost, you will need to process what we call a Fibre Migration. There are three easy to follow steps when migrating your fibre line:

  • Cancel with your current Internet Service Provider.
  • Sign up for Fibre Afrihost.
  • Activate your Afrihost Fibre Services.
1. Cancel with your current Service Provider

You will need to notify your current ISP and cancel your current services with them. Most ISPs require a 30 day notice period. You may be charged a cancellation/migration fee if applicable.

Once your line has been released by your ISP, you can sign up with Afrihost.

Please note. 

The release of your line may take some time. Afrihost has no control of the time frame it may take for the release of your line from your previous ISP.

2. Sign up for Afrihost Fibre.

Once the current Internet Service Provider has confirmed the cancellation and the notice period, you can place a migration order with Afrihost.

Sign up for Afrihost fibre. 

To get blazing fast internet, follow these easy steps on how to sign up for Afrihost fibre.

Provide Afrihost with your UID (Unique line ID)

You will then need to provide us with your UID (if relevant) which can be updated in ClientZone directly.

Or you can go to your existing provider’s site, choose Afrihost as your ISP and click on activate.

Each providers UID is different here are some examples:
ProviderUIDUID ExampleWhere to Locate
OpenserveB NumberB310015577Contact Openserve but ensure you don’t cancel the line.
Vuma Arial and FibrehoodsF-san Number485754437EE37F9C OR ZNTS038D7F07Found on the sticker on the back of your ONT.
OctotelOctotel Line NumberOCT-BGL17325Call Octotel to get the UID.
FrogfrootFRG NumberFRG833-47-JHB-B1Call previous ISP for this UID.
3. Activate your Afrihost Fibre Services

If your Fibre line is not already active after signing up with Afrihost, please visit the Fibre Activation page to activate your line.

Are you moving home? 

If you would like to know How to relocate your fibre line to a new address, please read our Help Centre article for more information.

Afrihost Network Status

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