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How Vuma Reach payments work

Vumatel and Afrihost use PayFast as a secure online payment solution for Vuma Reach Fibre sign-ups.

PayFast allows for secure payments with a variety of payment methods. Sometimes issues arise and it helps to understand why this happens and how to resolve them.

How the PayFast payments work:
  • First Payment - The full amount will be deducted on the date of sign up. This is to activate the account.
  • Second Payment - The pro-rata amount will be charged on the 1st on the next month. The pro-rata amount is for the days left of the previous month from the date of sign up.
  • Third Payment and onwards - The amount will be deducted in monthly in full and thereafter.
What is Pro-rata? 

Read our article for more information on how the pro-rata discount works.

Here are some payment issues you may experience:
1. Payment Deductions

The PayFast system will attempt to deduct the funds on the 1st of the month in the morning. If the payment fails, the system will attempt a second time in the afternoon.

If the second payment attempt fails, the system will try again on the 2nd of the month. Twice in the day, once in the morning and if unsuccessful, again in the afternoon.

If on the 3rd of the month, after 48 hours of attempts and payment is still not received, the account will be cancelled by Vumatel and a new order will need to be submitted.

*Bank penalty fees may be incurred, bank dependant.

2. Adding a new bank card or the account now has adequate funds

The PayFast system will then immediately deduct the funds from the card/ account on the system.

  • Log in to your PayFast profile.
  • Select the ‘Payment link’.
  • Edit the card details OR leave details as is if the account now has sufficient funds.
  • Select ‘Update’.
Update your VumaReach payment details. 

Read our article for more information on How to manage your VumaReach PayFast payment details.

Please let the Afrihost Fibre team ( know that the details have been updated as the debit order will need to be manually resubmitted. Please include your Afrihost account number for easy reference. Once the payment is received and confirmed successful, Vumatel will reactivate the connection.

3. Bank Issues

Send Afrihost proof of payment for the first initial payment to prove that the account does exist, and the issue exists elsewhere on the system to be investigated.

Sign Up for Vuma Reach. 

Read our article for more information on How to sign up for Afrihost Fibre and Vuma Reach.

Afrihost Network Status

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