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How to transfer an existing domain to Afrihost


These are instructions to transfer an existing domain TO Afrihost from an external host.

Moving from one host to another means that you are moving the location where your actual website content and emails are stored. The registrar of the domain will also change to the new provider.

When changing the host this means that the Nameservers will resolve to Afrihost and Afrihost will have DNS admin over the transferred domain. The renewal of the domain will then be paid to Afrihost annually.

Transfer within ClientZone. 

You can read our helpful How to transfer your products article with instructions on how to transfer products between existing Afrihost ClientZone accounts.

Follow these guidelines for an effortless move:
  1. It is advisable to first find out what the cancellation procedure and policy is with your current host.
  2. Ask your current host for website and /or email backups, if needed. To transfer the domain name only, sign up for a Web Domain parking package. To transfer the domain as well as its mail accounts to us, you will need to sign up for a shared hosting package.
  3. Follow the steps below to request a transfer of the domain to Afrihost.
  4. Afrihost will submit the transfer request. The transfer request will be sent to the registrant email address of the domain (Your current provider can advise you of this email address)
  5. You can provide Afrihost with the backups so we can assist with moving the content for the emails/website to our server if you have a hosting package with us.
  6. Once the transfer request is accepted (or DNS pointed to our DNS servers) your website will then be hosted on our servers.

Transfer an existing domain to Afrihost via the Afrihost Order Form:

For a Parking or Pointing Package, click on the ‘Web Domains’ tab when signing up.

For a Full Hosting package that includes hosting your website content and emails, click on the ‘Web Hosting’ tab when signing up.

For a Parking or Pointing Package:
  • In the order form select ‘Web Domains’.
  • Select ‘Domain Registration’.
  • Now click on ‘Domain Parking’ or ‘Domain Pointing’.
Parking or Pointing? 

Read more on the difference between domain forwarding or pointing and domain parking to help you choose which one is best for you.

  • Select ‘Transfer Domain’.
For a Full Hosting package:
  • In the order form select the ‘Web Hosting’ tab.
  • Select the type of hosting you require.
Compare Shared and Dedicated Hosting. 

Read more on the difference between What is the difference between Shared Hosting and Dedicated / Cloud Hosting? options.

Linux or Windows shared hosting? 

Read more on the difference between Linux hosting and Windows hosting options to help you choose which one is best for you.

  • Select the hosting package that best suits your hosting needs.

Compare the storage size, email accounts, and price per month.

  • Click ‘Next Step’
  • Select ‘Transfer Domain’.
  • Enter the domain name and click ‘Next Step’.

This will submit a transfer request to your current hosting provider. You will need to confirm with your current hosting provider that you wish to transfer the domain away.

  • Please check your domain details and click on ‘Checkout’ to complete your order.

After you have registered the domain name and the domain transfer is accepted, it can take between 2-24 hours for the domain DNS to propagate and the domain to resolve to the new host and be active.


This is subject to the current host accepting the transfer request sent by Afrihost.

Delays may occur if there are any discrepancies with the current host account.


The transfer request for COZA domains is sent to the registrant's email address. An EPP code will be needed to accept the transfer of OpenSRS domains as they need to be unlocked by the current host first however the transfer request is still sent to the registrant email address.

You will be given access to our FTP & cPanel server so that you can publish your website and create your mailboxes (and databases if any) on our servers once you have signed up. You can upload the files via FTP to the public_html folder (Linux hosting) or wwwroot folder (Windows hosting).

Upload the files via FTP. 

If you would like to know How to publish or upload your website via FTP, please read our Help Centre articles for assistance.

Afrihost support will be happy to assist with any difficulties you may experience while uploading your website & databases.

Afrihost Network Status

See the status of our broadband, mobile and hosting networks

For more details, visit our Network Status Page

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