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Prepaid Fibre Explained

What is Prepaid Fibre?

Prepaid Fibre is different from Pure Fibre. Pure Fibre is on a month-to-month debit basis whereas prepaid means you top up your account with prepaid data bundles as and when you need the service.

How does Prepaid Fibre work?

The availability of Prepaid Fibre depends on the coverage in your area. You can check your address coverage on the Prepaid Fibre page.

Prepaid is currently only available on Openserve and Vuma Reach networks. Prepaid Fibre sign-ups can be done via the Afrihost website. Once the sign-up is completed (and the initial payment is made for Vuma Reach Prepaid), the Fibre Network Operator (FNO) will contact you for installation arrangements. The installation lead time is approximately a week.

Once the line is installed and activated, you get 14 days of internet access on Openserve Prepaid and 30 days on Vuma Reach Prepaid, after which you have to top up with data.

Simple steps to get connected:
1. Check Fibre coverage.

Fibre coverage must be checked to ensure that Fibre is available at your address before you proceed to sign-up.

2. Sign up with Afrihost.

Sign up for a data package of your choice on the Afrihost website.

3. Fibre installation.

During this process, the Fibre Network Provider installs an ONT device (which is also the router used for Prepaid Fibre) inside your house or unit.

4. Enjoy fast Fibre.

Get fast broadband internet speeds from 20Mbps to 100Mbps download speed.

5. Top up via ClientZone or an EasyPay pay point.

Should your Prepaid Fibre bundle expire, you will need to top up in order to continue enjoying blazing fast internet. This can be done via ClientZone for Openserve and via selected EasyPay pay points.

How do Prepaid Top Ups work?

Openserve Prepaid Fibre top-ups can be done in ClientZone under the Connectivity section. Credit card or debit order payment methods can be used.

Vuma Reach Prepaid Fibre top-ups can be done via EasyPay at selected pay points or online. An EasyPay number will be required when you buy a Prepaid Bundle. This EasyPay number is sent via email after the sign-up. It can also be found on ClientZone under the Connectivity section.

Need a Prepaid top up? 

For more information on How to top up your Prepaid Fibre read our Help Centre article for easy-to-follow top up steps.

Frequently Asked Questions
Can I switch to Prepaid Fibre if I already have Vuma Reach or Openserve Pure Fibre?

Yes. You will need to cancel the existing month-to-month package and sign up for a Prepaid package.

What should I do if my bundle has expired?

You can top up on ClientZone with a 7-day bundle for Openserve Prepaid or a 30-day bundle for Vuma Reach via EasyPay.

How do I know when my Prepaid bundle has expired?

When your data bundle has run out, you will automatically be redirected to ClientZone so that you can do a data bundle top-up.

Can I buy more than one Prepaid Fibre bundle at a time?

Yes, you can buy up to 6 bundles at a time per existing fibre line.

Where can I get my EasyPay number from to top up my Vuma Reach Prepaid?

EasyPay payments require an EasyPay number. This number will be sent to you via email after you sign up. You can also find your EasyPay number in ClientZone under:

  • Log in to ClientZone.
  • Select the ‘Connectivity’ tab.
  • Select your Prepaid Fibre package.
  • You will find your EasyPay number under ‘Account Overview'.
Where can I find EasyPay Paypoints (Outlets)?

EasyPay Paypoints can be found at the following outlets.

  • Shoprite and Checkers Stores.
  • Pep Stores.
  • Selected Spar shops.
  • Boxer Stores.
  • Lewis Stores.
  • Woolworths.
  • Foodworld, Saveworld and Hypersavers.

*Locations subject to change at EasyPays discretion.

Not sure where to find your EasyPay number? 

More information can be found in the How to find your EasyPay number and make a payment via EasyPay Help Centre article.

How long does it take for the service to be activated after a top-up?

It takes just a few minutes for the service to be active once the payment has cleared.

Will I need a WiFi Router for Fibre Prepaid?

No, the equipment (ONT device) that will be installed is WiFi enabled, so there is no need for a separate router.

Where do I get my WiFi password?

If you have Openserve Prepaid Fibre, the password can be found on the sticker on the back of the ONT device.

If you have Vuma Reach Prepaid Fibre, you will receive an SMS notification with your WiFi name and password once your line is activated.

Can I change my Prepaid Fibre WiFi name and password?

No, you cannot change the WiFi name at all. However, if you have Vuma Reach Prepaid, you can contact Afrihost support to change only the WiFi password/key.

The WiFi password cannot be changed on Openserve Prepaid.

How does shaping and prioritisation work?

Vuma Reach Prepaid packages are uncapped, unshaped, and unthrottled. There is no shaping on Vuma Reach Prepaid.

Openserve Prepaid Fibre packages are subject to shaping and prioritisation. For the first 200GB of data usage within 7 days, the download speed will be up to 20Mbps. Once you have used 200GB and above, the download speed will drop to 4Mbps until the bundle expires.

Is Prepaid Fibre Uncapped?

Yes, Prepaid Fibre is uncapped. Prices include data and line rental.

What will happen to my Fibre line if unused for a long period of time?

For Vuma Reach Prepaid Fibre there is no reconnection fee.

For Openserve Prepaid Fibre a reconnection fee may apply if the line has not been used for over 180 days.

Can I migrate my existing Prepaid Fibre over to Afrihost?

Yes, you can. You will need to cancel the Fibre service with your current ISP and sign-up with Afrihost for Prepaid Fibre.

Is there a cancellation fee if I decide to cancel my Prepaid Fibre?

No. Prepaid Fibre has no cancellation fee. You can easily cancel if you change your mind.


Please DO NOT reset the ONT/router to factory default settings as that will cause a loss of configuration, which will lead to no connectivity and require a fault to be logged.

***Sign up for Pre-Paid Fibre Now! 

If you would like to know How to sign up for Prepaid Fibre read our Help Centre article for easy-to-follow steps to get connected.

Please Note. 

All current promotions do NOT apply to Prepaid Fibre.
*Afrihost reserves the right to change the promotion at any time.

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